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Neobux Referral System Abuse

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Neobux Referral System Abuse

There was a news posted by Admin today. The main purpose of this new regulation is to minimize, if not get rid off, many Neobux members that are abusing the referral distribution system. Although, I can't really grasp unto what is this be useful for, it is up to you on what have you understood about this announcement.

This is what it's all about. Admin said,
In this series I'll focus on overall satisfaction especially in 3 main groups: Referrals quality, referrals distribution, referrals earnings. There are many users who either by lack of knowledge, greed, or simple disrespect for others, ruin it for everyone else. It's my job to put an end to this so that those users who actually play by the book can have great opportunities.

There are many scheduled changes that will help most users get what only a few can but in a fair way. I'll start with just one today which had been previewed a while back and others will follow later.

Phase 1: A clean, fair, and concise referral distribution.
Most of you who read the preview on this, know that many users are simply abusing the referral distribution system by letting them expire and rent them again. This completely delays everything and simply destroys the distribution system.

So, starting in just a few hours every user that lets referrals expire will have to pay a small fee of just $0.05. It should be higher but I think we can start low to see if it works. This amount will be deducted from the user's main balance even if the same becomes negative.

This will only affect a few users since the majority is using the system properly. But, this few users have made and continue to make great damage on their own and it's time to stop them so that the other ones can have a much better, faster, and higher distribution.

Stay tuned as it will get better in the next days for everyone! (selfish ones not included, sorry)

Phase 2: Enhancing the activity filter (coming soon)

Here is the complete forum discussion and comments.
One for all and all for one

Neobux Referral System Abuse

I can't say any further good about this until i can understand what this really meant. Many points have been raised, and responses with valid arguments are posted. For now, this is not very helpful at all. One of the techniques to manage a good account is to let referrals expire (die). This is a life of one' s member's account. I'm still positive with Admin to have a very solid reason of pursuing this, else this should not be continued.

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