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Neobux Rented Referrals - Human Or Something Else?

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Neobux Rented Referrals - Human or Something Else?


This is my first post and I hope it is worth discussion.

This was this guy a recently registered Neobux member had upgraded to golden, purchased some refs and starts to complain that the ref are no clicking like they used to. So the Admin gave him a warning.

He quoted

we shouldnt have to pay for freeloaders. we should only pay for active referrals. i do not want to turn autopay off, it goes some way to paying for active referrals. however, its no good if referrals only click one ad/day. right now, this is a numbers game. the more referrals you can rent and can keep on renting, the more you can make. however, we would have more active referrals if we weeded out the bad. if i was joining a program i would rather see my sponsors earnings of say, $3/day from 30 referrals than $3/day from 300 or $6/day from 600. the actual figures make a mockery of the neobux earnings calculator, which itself gives a false impression.
He does have a point there about those rented referrals, if you really want to earn you must click even for just pennies, also some referrals click only 2-3 ads where you have 4. I doesn't make sense. And there is no reported rented referral that has a perfect click.

Are humans click that way or is it something else?

Although this couldn't be proven because there isn't enough evidence to go on, it is discussable. As a standard on Neobux there are no issues with the average clicks one would earn a day, but it completely changes when you upgrade to a golden. Now the question stands is it just an odd coincidence that so many people's averages dropped right after they upgraded from a standard to a golden or is there something else going on at Neobux that hasn't been mentioned. There are rumors going around that if you type bot down or frame Neobux as using bots they will suspend or ban your account on the forums so the forums are obviously no use to discussing this topic. Referrals that have had a very high click average will suddenly stop clicking for numerous days. This happens frequently so one couldn't say maybe they are just on vacation or it's a coincidence or you're unlucky. What are the chances that this many referrals are on vacation? Again just another issue you might consider before determining whether or not Neobux is a scam. By the way you can't contact any rented referrals. This may seem suspicious because why wouldn't Neobux want people to communicate with their referrals? I don't know you draw your own conclusion.

On the brighter side, Neobux is a site pays well and a lot of payments to prove it.
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