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All About Neobux

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All About Neobux

The PTC Website
With more than 1,000,000 members Neobux is undoubtly the Best PTC around the net today. Not only it is the most trusted and sustainable but also the features it offers are unmatched. Only $2 payout and that too Instant to all its members is the best among those features. Continuing this, is the best support from Neobux staff including both Live support and ticket support, dedicated forum with sub-forum for 23+ different languages, detailed realtime statistics both for its Members and Advertisers, Jackpots, Security etc, no PTC can match those features although some PTCs may offer some of these featurs but all of them is a dream for them. You can’t miss a PTC like that so join now and start your earnings today (click on the banner below to visit the site, the site will open in a new window).
all about neobux
Overview Of Neobux:
As a Standard member you earn $0.01 per click (Standard View*) or $0.015 (Extended View) and $0.005 per referral click (standard view) or $0.01 (extended view).
As a Golden member you earn $0.01 per click (Standard View*) or $0.02 (Extended View) and $0.01 per referral click (standard view) or $0.02 (extended view). You will also earn $10 of all the purchases made by your referrals
*Standard View is when an advertisement is shown for 30 seconds while in Extended View advertisement is shown for 60 seconds though rarely you will see an extended advertisement.
Upgrade to Golden is $90 per year and you have to click at least 100 ads as a standard member before upgrading your account to Golden Membership.
Minimum 4 Ads Daily for Standard Members while minimum 9 for Golden Members. You can also get few more ads if you login few times a day as some Ads appear for short time.
Payments to all members is Instant means are paid within seconds and both and are supported for payments. The minimum payout is $2 for the first payment, while $3 for 2nd, $4 for 3rd and so on until $10 and after that $10 is the fixed minimum payout (means from 9th payment and onwards).
NeoBux also offers detailed statistics about your account, including your referral clicks and all stats are provided in realtime.
You can have up to 2000 rented referrals if you are standard member or 4000 if you are A golden member. You cannot buy referrals for lifetime but can rent them for a month and then can increase their span for another month or can rent the new ones.
Note: Direct referral is one who joins the site under you or your referral link which is given by each PTC to you once you join them while rented referrals are those who joins the site without any other’s referral link and so are used by the site for renting.
The direct referral limit of Neobux:
Standard: 30
Pioneer: 60
Golden: 200
Golden+Pioneer: 250
Golden/Emerald: 300
Golden/Sapphire: 300
Golden/Platinum: 400
Golden/Diamond: 400
Golden/Ultimate: 800
Two limiting rules:
1) Minimum eligibility for having direct referrals
All members, after registering will need to have the following to be able to get direct referrals:
100 clicks made
Been registered for at least 30 days
2) Limit increase based on registered days
Depending on how many days you’ve been registered, all those days, after the 30 defined in point 1 until the present day, will count towards a limit increase.
This means that the older member you are, the more referrals you may have.
The amount will be based on your current membership/pack and the days you’re registered (minus 30).
This amount will vary and is explained below:
Standard/Pioneer = Days divided by 4
Golden (without a pack) = Days divided by 2
Golden (with a pack) = Days
For example, and referring to older members (with 300 days in this example):
Standard= 30 + (300/4) = 105
Golden = 200 + (300/2) = 350
Golden (Ultimate) = 800 + 300 = 1100
Renting Referrals:
You can rent referrals starting from $0.25 per referral if you’re a standard member and $0.20 if you’re a golden member. This amount depends on the total number of referrals in your downline and is raised by $0.01 for each 250 referrals with a cap set at 1750. E.g. if you have 600 referrals that would mean you have to pay 2x$0.01 more per referral.
You can also turn on the AutoPay feature to extend your referrals next payment date, where everytime when your referral clicks on its first daily ad, a small fee will be deducted from your account balance in order to pay for the referral for being in your downline another day. So, you will never “lose” your refs in the long-run. Also, you’ll save 10%.
You can even “recycle” a referral if you think he/she doesn’t make enough clicks. For $0.08 the referral will be replaced instantly with a new active referral
You can rent referrals every 7 days and the current maximum number is set at 100 refs per week. On top of that Golden members are only able to rent those referrals on a two specified time frames per day that you can personally choose, e.g. something like 8am and 6pm. You have to be extremely fast to get your own referral package, usually referrals are sold out within seconds. The reason is quite understandable, there’s only a certain number of new unreferred members each day, but the demand is way beyond that number.
Also there are certain days in the week when renting is available, depending on how many refs you have:
No referrals: You can try to rent everyday.
Less than 201 referrals: You can try to rent from Monday to Saturday.
Less than 501 referrals: You can try to rent from Tuesday to Saturday.
More than 500 referrals: You can try to rent from Wednesday to Saturday.
The smallest referral pack consists of only 3 referral and it’s especially useful for newcomers without enough funds.
Thats all for Neobux, if I get any new information about them I’ll share with you all here.
All About Neobux

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