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NeoBux - Best PTC Out There

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NeoBux - Best PTC out there

NeoBux is, simply put, the BEST PTC that you will find. They offer referreals to rent, immediate payments, low cash-outs and excellent admin, among many other great features.

On my search for great money making opportunities on the net, I came across a Paid-To-Click (PTC) site called NeoBux. I must say, I was immediately amazed as I explored this site.

At a first glance, NeoBux looks like any other PTC site that’s out there right now. But there is one MAJOR difference from all those other sites - the payments!

NeoBux revolutionizes the PTC market with immediate payments via PayPal or AlertPay. No more waiting weeks, even months to get paid. Compare this to for example, where you have to wait 60 business days as a standard member. See the difference?

So that's great, but there's more! You only need to earn $2.00 for your first cash-out. Yes, you read that right, only 2 bucks! Just click some ads, which are worth $0.01 for a standard member and $0.02 for premiums, earn those 2 dollars, click the cash-out button and receive your first payment immediately. This feature just blew me away and it made me realize the potential of NeoBux.

Another amazing feature of NeoBux is it's referral system. Now, most PTC sites have a referral system, so you're probably thinking 'What's so great about 'NeoBux? Well, this is where NeoBux really stands out from all the rest of the PTC sites. They offer a system where you can buy rented referrals for 30 - 90 days! NO MORE TRYING TO FIND PEOPLE TO JOIN UNDER YOUR NAME! As someone who has tried many different PTC sites, I can tell you it is VERY hard to find people that will join under your name! NeoBux takes that problem away completely!

Here are the details of their referral system: As a standard member you make $0.005 of each referral click. If you have upgrade your account to a Golden Member you receive $0.01 plus 10% of each advertising that is purchased from each referral. There are also many other member packages that you can purchase to maximize your earnings.

All in all, NeoBux is by far the best PTC out there at this moment. The admin is wonderful, the perks are amazing and the earning potential is unbelievable. As with any PTC sites, you probably won't notice much in earnings until you are a member for a few months, so please don't give up if you don't earn much right away! There really is no way to lose with this site! The site is amazing and you will not regret joining.

See you on NeoBux.!

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