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Neobux: What is Neobux?

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What is Neobux?

For those of you who arent familiar with Neobux, its a PTC Site, means you get Paid to Click. Neobux is the leader of these types of sites, but in my opinion its definitely the best. So, How does Neobux work?
It works just like any other PTC, You get paid for each advertisement you click. You need to keep the advertisements open for 30 seconds, and you are not allowed to view multiple advertisements at once (of same PTC Site). Here is what you can get as a member:
Neobux: What is neobux?
Doesnt sound like a lot, huh? Well dont worry, because clicking ads your self wont get you far. You need to get something called referrals. You can get referrals through someone directly signing up under you, or you can buy referrals from Neobux itself.

neobux earn money
If you still dont think you can make a lot of money off this site, check my banner out. And all I had to do was spend 5 minutes a day clicking ads. PS: I started only a month ago!
Registering an Account:
Registering an account is easy, Just enter your desired username, password, email, and either a PayPal or Alertpay Account (In Pakistan, Only Alertpay Works)!

Starting From Scratch:
This is possible but not recommended. Heres why its not recommended:
  • Click 4+ ads a day until you reach 3 dollars: $3/(4 x $0.01) = 75 Days to Reach $3
  • Rent 10 Referrals for $3
  • Recycle Referrals inactive more than a week.
  • Extend Referrals for 90 days.
  • Repeat steps until you are at a comfortable Referral level.
  • Finally, Go GOLDEN!
Analysis: Doing this can take a while but once you have your first 10 referral, the process gets faster. And when you repeat the process again by renting more referrals, you speed up the process even more. So in essence youre creating a snowball effect.
Pros: No initial Investment Needed
Cons: Can take a long time
Starting with an Initial Investment:
This is a strategy personally used by me, and it seems to be working so far. So here is how it goes:
  • Invest 30+ dollars for 100 Referrals (Referral price goes up 1 dollar after you have over 250 referrals)
  • Repeat this step once every week, for 5 weeks until you get to 500 Referrals (You can only rent once every 7 days, thats why it takes so long)
  • Go GOLDEN! (You can either use the money your referrals gain you, your own money, or a combination of the two)
  • When you get Golden Membership, You will make back all your invested money within a month if you maintain an Referral clicking average of at least 2
Pros: Does not take as long compared to starting from scratch method
Cons: A somewhat big initial investment is needed.
Putting Everything into Perspective:
Lets say you get to 500 Referrals, and you upgrade to Golden. If your referrals click at least 2 ads a day you will make$210 a month.
(500 * 2 * 0.01) (500 *0.006) = (10) (3) = $7 Daily Profit
= $49 Weekly Profit
= $210 Monthly Profit
= $2555 Yearly Profit
What is Neobux?

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