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Tips for getting direct referrals for PTC's or GPT's

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Most of “Make money online” websites are based on referrals. They pay for them or you can’t earn much without referrals. So, in order to be successful, or earn a bigger amount of money, when you decide to sign up to a PTC or GPT, you have to be prepared to get some referrals.

What are referrals?

When you register to a money making website you are provided with a personalized link or a banner which contains your personalized link (those can be found in the promotion or banners sections). If you post the link or banner on different forums, websites, blogs, Youtube, etc. anyone that clicks the link or banner and signs up to the target website is your referral.

Free referrals or paid referrals?

•  Of course free referrals are best. Who wants to pay for something if they can get that thing for free? Sometimes though, after you do the math and come to the conclusion that even after paying a price you still can make a profit, paid referrals can be a way to go.

I.  Free referrals

•  Here are a few tips on how to get real free referrals:

1.  The best way - make a video, upload it on Youtube (Metacafe or Dailymotion).

•  For each e-mail account you have you can make a Youtube Channel. Don't upload many videos on a single channel, that channel might be deleted by Youtube for various reasons.
•  At a video title and the tags are important and also your luck. Search Youtube for NeoBux, for example, filter for view count and study a moment the most successful videos found. Don’t copy directly the title, tags or all the content found in the box of a very popular video, this does not guarantee your success. Make a compilation better, and write the review in your own words.

How to make a video?
A.  What programs can I use?

•  I use the following programs:
1.TechSmith Camtasia Studio v6.0.2 – captures images from your screen
2. BB Flashback Pro – captures images from your screen
3. AVS Video Convertor v6.3.1 – converts different video formats (*.flv to *.mpg for example)
4. Sony Vegas Pro 9 – makes video spectacular special effects
5. Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 – makes video spectacular special effects
6. CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4 – graphic design
7. Internet Download Manager 5.1 (IDM 5.1) – downloads *.flv and *.mp4 files (videos)
•  All the programs mentioned above can be found: Maybe you have them already.

B.  What should I put in a video:

•  A screen shot with the homepage of the website.
•  Some payment proofs (those are really important).
•  The most important features of the site.

C.  What title and tags should I use?

•  Title:
-  Should contain the name of the website promoted.
-  Should contain some other successful words (that make a video rank higher in Youtube search) that you can find studying the videos made on the same theme.
•  Tags:
-  Should include the most relevant words that describe your promoted website. Also see the tags used in the most relevant videos. Extra tags are useful and those are included after the review with the purpose that your video to be more visible in the Youtube or Google searches.
•  Review:
-  It is always a good idea to write a few words about the website you are presenting in the video. This will give extra incentives to visitors to sign up.
NeoBux - The Innovation In PTC Earn Money Online - Sing Up NeoBux Account

2.  Post your referral link on different Forums.

•  There are many forums that allow the using of a signature. As your own you can have the links to the sites that you promote. A good idea are the money making forums or the gamer’s forums but don’t forget the social networks like Facebook, Myspace or Twitter. Also you can use,,

3.  Build a website or a blog.

•  You can build a free web page at, or or a blog at or
•  The worst thing when you make a website is that it doesn’t brings you referrals right away, you have to wait to be indexed in the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo and this takes time. Also you have to provide traffic for it at the beginning. But if you build a website and connect it with a Youtube channel or a video the results can be very good.

II.  Paid ReferralsA.  Advertise at PTC, GPT, or “Paid to Sign Up” websites.

•  Every PTC or "Paid to sign up" website has an advertising program. So you can buy, for a certain price (from $0.01 to $0.02) clicks for your advertisements.
•  Sign up as an advertiser to that PTC (or set up a regular member account), use your personalized link for the website you want to promote and spend some money trying to get some referrals. There are some things you must know at first:
-  There is a conversion rate (the ratio between the people that click your ad and the people that sign up using your link) usually of 10% (from 10 who click your link, 1 actually signs up). So if the price per click is $0.01 you get a referral for $0.10.
-  If you promote something interesting at a well known PTC like NeoBux, probably the number of referrals got will by good. If you promote something old and obsolete you’ll not get a single referral because the people over there are informed and have a lot of experience with the making money websites. They will click your ads and waste your money for nothing.

B.  Advertise at Bidvertiser, Obeus or Google.

•  Next I’ll give you, in brief, the super secret referral formula that some smart guy is selling for “merely” $7.00. I didn’t buy it (it’s a seven page eBook – for 7 dollars), I just found it free somewhere, I read it and I want to share with you those information for free.
•  The main idea of the book is to advertise at Bidvertiser and Obeus. You build a blog at or, make a brilliant presentation for the website you want to promote (with huge payment proves pictures) and use that blog to advertise on the websites above.
•  Now a short financial analysis:
-  The author of the eBook says that the price per click (that you have to pay) at Bidvertiser is of $0.05 and the conversion rate is 1 to 10. So the result will be 2 referrals for $1.00 spent. At Obeus the price per click is $0.03 and the conversion rate the same 1 to 10. So the result will be 3 referrals for $1.00.
-  Let’s take for example my data from NeoBux. In one year I had about 700 free direct referrals and they gave about 21135 clicks.
-  If I would have paid for them, I would have spent something around $233-$350 (700/2 at Bidvertiser respective 700/3 at Obeus).
-  If I would have had:
                 1.  Standard Membership ($0.005/click) I would have made 21135*$0.005=$105.68
                 2.  Golden Membership ($0.01/click) I would have made 21135*0.01=$211.35
-  In both cases a total financial failure.
So, in conclusion, to pay $7.00 for a seven page useless eBook is a scam.

C.  And what about paid referrals?

•  Use this method when is financially viable, do the math first.
•  The referral-secrets eBook was promoted on NeoBux website.

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