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| | 0 nhận xét is an advertising platform with a unique concept that allows members to advertise with a backlink in the form of a cube from just £1.00. The idea is quite simple...

Purchase a cube (you select the amount you wish to pay) and your cube will be placed on the pages according to it's value; High - Low. Increase it's value by earning cube funds which can be acquired in various ways such as logging in daily, playing games, referring new members, sending invites and more. Adding these acquired cube funds to your cube will increase the value of your cube, thus it's position on the pages. The higher it appears, the more clicks you will receive and... the more you will earn should you decide to sell it. also includes an affiliate scheme that allows users to earn commission from members that they refer to the site.


Advertise with a cube

* Cubes cost from just £1.00 for a minimum of 1 year - There is no maximum price.
* Cubes act as a direct backlink to your website.
* Cubes are arranged on the pages in order of value.
* The higher the value of your cube, the higher up the page(s) it will appear = more clicks!
* There are many ways to earn cube funds to increase the value of your cube, thus it's position:
o Referring visitors.
o Inviting friends to join.
o Logging in regularly.
o Referring new members.
o Clicking other members cubes.
o Completing offers / surveys.
o Play Games.

* Cubes in a high position will receive an adequate no. of clicks, but PPC options are available to increase traffic as outlined below.

Guaranteed, Targeted Visitors

* For guaranteed, targeted traffic - PPC options are available from just 1p/click.
* There are various options you may choose when paying on a PPC scheme.

* [Image] Length of time - Choose how long members must view your website.

o 30 seconds [ 1p / click ]
o 60 seconds [ 2p / click ]
o 90 seconds [ 3p / click ]

* [Image] Frequency - Choose how often the same the same member visits your website. (Prevents duplicate visitors)
* [Image] Geo Targetting - Choose the location of visitors by country.
* [Image] Gender Targetting - Choose your visitors by gender.
* [Image] Security - We have security measures in place to prevent fraudulent clicks and ensure all visitors are human.

[Image] Affiliates - How do I Make Money?

Once a member, you will receive your own unique referral link. E.g. By promoting this link on your website, blog, forums etc... you will earn commission when you refer new members that spend money or click cash cubes.

There are 3 main ways of making money at

1. Clicking Cash Cubes - These are cubes that contain a 'cash' icon.
* Earn up to £0.015 GBP / click for clicking cash cubes.
* Earn up to £0.006 GBP / click when your Level 1 referrals click cash cubes.
* Earn up to £0.003 GBP / click when your Level 2 referrals (referral's referrals) click cash cubes.

2. Commission from your referrals' purchases.
* Earn up to 20% commission on items purchased by your Level 1 Referrals.
* Earn up to 10% commission on items purchased by your Level 2 Referrals. (referrals' referrals)

* You will earn commmission when either your level 1 or level 2 referrals purchase the following:
o Original or Gradient Cubes
o Premium Memberships
o Unreferred Members
o Cube Top Ups
o Featured Cube Upgrades
o Website Changes

3. Selling Cubes
* Buying and Selling Cubes has become an intricate part of
* Members that own a cube may advertise their cube for sale at any time - members choose the sale price!
* Cubes are purchased by other members looking to pay a price lower than the actual value of the cube, allowing both members to gain.
* Payments for cubes are added to either your A/c balance (used to purchase items) or your Earnings balance (withdrawable to Paypal or Alertpay).

Example of buying/selling cubes
1. John purchases a cube for just £1.00.
2. Over time, John generates additional cube funds simply by logging in, clicking other cubes (etc...)
3. John then adds these cube funds to his cube which increases the value, thus it's position on the pages.
4. John's cube may now be worth around £50.00 and decides to sell it for £5.00.
5. Julie is looking to advertise her new website and decides to purchase John's cube for £5.00.
6. John makes £4.00 profit (- admin commission) and Julie has paid £5.00 for a £50.00 cube, which has saved her money and time.

Click here join now!

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