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Okpay Cutting The Rates - Okpay Service Fees

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Okpay Cutting The Rates

OKPAY Inc. company tends to get a reputation of reliable and profitable partner for the internet money transactions. Hereby we inform our customers about the rates cut for the main services:
  • Cutting the rates for the bank withdrawal. Now the commission fee is 1% (€10 EUR\$15 USD). Minimum bank transfer allowed to withdraw is cut to €150 EUR\150 USD.
  • Cutting the rates for the OKPAY Debit Card order. Now you order the card delivered to you by the ordinary post for $15 or courier postal service for $70. Funding your card with OKPAY account got cut as well and will cost you just $5.

We have cut our service fees to the bare minimum to make OKPAY as cost-effective as possible and keep our customers satisfied.
We are building a reputation as one of the most straightforward and reliable payment processors who value long-term business partnerships much higher than fast profits.

Account opening
   Personal / CompanyFree
Deposit fees
   Wire0% *
   E-currencies & Partner sitesAt market rate ***
Cheques cashing
   USD Cheque2% (min. $14, max. $300)
   EUR Cheque2% (min. €10, max. €250)
   Funds are available on account in 15-20 business days.
   USD/EUR/GBP/ect.At market rate
   Added to balance3% per year
   Internal EUR0.5% (min. €0.01, max. €2.99)
   Internal USD0.5% (min. $0.01, max. $2.99)
   Internal GBP0.5% (min. £0.01, max. £2.99)
Withdrawal fees
   Wire transfer EUR1%, min. €10 **
   Wire transfer USD1%, min. $15 **
   Wire transfer GBP1%, min. £7 **
   Exchangers & PartnersAt market rate ***
   OKPAY Debit CardSee OKPAY Debit Card Fees
Security fees
   SMS Notification€0.07 ****
   Annual Service€0
   Account Restoration€10

* The bank charges are USD: 1% (min. $12, max. $20); EUR : 1% (min. €10, max. €14); GBP: £4 on all incoming transfers. Please note, this is not the commission of OKPAY.
** Minimal bank transfer allowed to withdraw is €150 EUR / $150 USD. Bank charges are paid by the sender.
*** Service fees of Exchange Partners can vary.
**** Minimum balance for SMS service activation is €5 EUR.

Okpay Cutting The Rates - Okpay Service Fees

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