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DDoS Attack - Liberty Reserve Is Down !

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Liberty Reserve is down under DDoS attack,Liberty reserve đã chết,LR phá sản

The attention of Ecommerce Journal edition was attracted by the fact of ddos of a leader of electronic payment market LibertyReserve. Having analyzed the situation and opinion of the Internet community we concluded that the reaction of the LR users gradually changes from anxious to panic one. 

What happens to Liberty Reserve? LR is down? Liberty Reserve is under DDoS? Libertyreserve is a scam? All the forums which are more or less related to e-commerce are discussing just another ddos of LR. The fact of ddos begins making all the admirers of this system more and more upset . 

So, what is Liberty Reserve? And why does it become more and more popular among ddosers? According to the official website LR began its existence in 2001 but actually the world has known it in 2007. Once having come to the market of e-payments it began its headlong climbing the tops of virtual economy market. Everything was good, and LR was even called a successor of e-gold, and may be it could be true, unless... 

In September 2007 thousands of LR users could hardly connect to the site and those who connected found it very slow. The first massive attack, which has disabled website for a whole month, happened this January. Another one followed in a month. And now came the next one... That is it? A routine rest? Or a mockery? When will it end? 

The official blog of LR cannot answer this question, containing just phrases that they are working on the problem. 

The latest comment of LR was as follows: 

We have more than one solution in place, and are trying to select the most efficient one. Please rest assured that Liberty Reserve is going to be back up very soon as all resources and all available man power is being utilized to make sure we have the safest and most reliable solution. Unfortunately decisions of this importance can not be made on a fly and without extensive research. We are looking for a permanent solution that will prevent all future outages related to DDOS attacks. This process is slow, but very rewarding at the end. On behalf of all of Liberty Reserve staff I would like to thank everyone for your kind words of support and your patience.

Forums that can be fairly called a mirror of economy reacted immediately to the latest events. 

For example, one can see such statements as: 

Really Annoying...
They must have implemented a strong Protection and have forseen such attacks. (Shoppingcards- 

These scammers that run LR do not want to pay for an anti-DDOS protection, they really donot care about their clients!(Autochange- 

Wish they would actually spend money on providing a better service though - paypal and serious sites like business etc don't have these problems and some sites gets millions more hits a day than these small sites. (oranges 

There are still some positive statements proving that the system is really good and consumers like it: 

LR is down. From experience with e-currencies, LR will come back to normal (NBMONITOR - 


Hope they will be back soon. They are the next upcoming Payment Processor.( 

Though it is necessary to say that the negative statements are prevailing over the positive ones. 

Why LR is attacked so often? The answer is either they are extremely popular and give no rest to the rivals or they are so weak that any ddoser regards it as his duty to attack LR. They are one of the leaders of the e-payment market but not the main player though, so... May be the right answer is the last one? 

From official blog: 

We have been testing a new solution that will prevent these outages from happening again.

We appreciate your patience and support.

Yes, people can wait but sooner or later any patience ends. People want the results and want to see such statements as rarely as possible: 

Dear mebers!

Out site is currently subjected to a massive ddos attack. We are taking measures to rectify the situation and will be back as soon as we are ready. We apologize for any inconvenience during this unplanned outage.

...and without mistakes.

In view of critical situation with Liberty Reserve some rumors, guesses and careful suppositions began appearing on the Internet forums. 

Who could do this? 

They say that it is v-money, taking revenge for the ddos attack which put their site down for a week several months ago. Pecunix was also down for several weeks in January. May be it is a war? 

Websites and are still continuing being down. Also there were whispers that before ddos these sites were somehow connected to liberty reserve and judging by the picture it is really so. 

Who can replace Liberty Reserve? 

It is clear that people need to diversify allocation of their money as many branches of the business are in an outage for 5 days already. There is no any opportunity to transfer money, no possibilities for capital turnover as people's assets are frozen.

Moreover, there is a fact uncovering and resources (other their sites are and Here we can say with confidence that all those sites are owned by Liberty Reserve. LR appeared to be a top of the iceberg consisting of a great amount of business sites on the Internet to attract electronic money. 

To support this statement we can say that goldage forum and all those other sites are advertising each other. Their banners have one and the same style and their IP addresses are similar. As a result of the ddos attack all the resources metioned above were down. 

Considering time period we can conclude that LR is down the same time. The site contains the following statement: - Sorry, the board is unavailable at the moment while we are doing backups. We will be back in 1 hour.

Summing up everything written above, we want to warn that if LR decides to take an opportunity and to cheat, the resources mentioned above may also disappear, having taken all the money of their users.

Today so people managed to enter the site and even made some operations but it still works slow... It's a pity but Liberty Reserve should do something with this problem otherwise very soon LR will become a synonym to DDoS.


After the first publication of material about a massive ddos-attack of Liberty Reserve system the editing office of ECJ has got a lot of letters from the readers, which together with hot discussions on the Internet forums made us renew the article.

Despite the site is working, target audience of Liberty Reserve –investors in HYIP-industry complain that they are facing big problems with money transfers to hyips. Going into details, we found a message where one of the users wrote that money has been written off from his account but it hasn’t reached the addressee’s account yet.

There is also another problem – account history contains records of the last three days only. In view of this a number of users suppose that Liberty Reserve has got some problems with data bases.

At the moment website continues working unstable and many users of lr agree in opinion that it is not recommended to make transfers. 

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